Periwinkle Residences Limited (RC:1368473) is a real estate company that specializes in premium, luxury residential properties. Through innovation and creativity, we strive to create long-term value for our investors, brand, and development partners. We provide secure housing and investment solutions to investors.


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We value the trust our customers have in us and are committed to upholding this trust. We strive to implement the highest ethical standards. We are honest, transparent, and trustworthy in all our activities and relationships.


In all aspects of our business, Periwinkle strives for excellence and aims to provide the highest level of service possible. Our team consists of talented, driven, and highly dedicated professionals who possess the experience and skills necessary to consistently deliver top-notch results and provide outstanding customer service to all our clients all over the world.


At Periwinkle, our customers are the driving force of our existence; keeping them satisfied, and exceeding their expectations is our priority. We take pride in this commitment and our ability to consistently provide creative solutions to meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs.


Our team operates with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times. We firmly believe our business is built on strong, lasting relationships and that these relationships can only be cultivated and sustained through an ethical and moral approach, sound business practices, and open and honest communication at all times.


The most powerful things we do.

The Chateau L'Eau, the newest addition to the lively city, is a place where life, elegance, and affordability are all rolled into one.

”Home for Kings” where a wide choice of indoor and outdoor attractions, exciting children’s adventures, and sunny family memories are part of everyday life.

The Chateau D’Avenue is another bold signature project at the much sought after location, the very exclusive Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate.

Our Villas are a sophisticated and luxurious retreat that reflects the magical merging of quality, design, innovation, and style.

Ixora Homes presents unique residences that prides itself on the tenets of class, style, quality, and innovation.

Oxygen Condos are the newest development in the exclusive lifestyle and serene water view of Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

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Our Success Stories

"It's a thing of joy for me and my family to have planted an ornamental tree at the periwinkle Estates at Lagoon District of Lekki Phase 1. It's symbolic for me and a lifetime experience to remember and sure of getting a positive vibration at any time I looked back at today.."

Mr Olusanya Adetifa

Our Success Stories

“I am very grateful for the invitation extended to me by the management of Periwinkle Residences Limited for this occasion of tree planting.  This morning I just looked back at the first time I came to this site, on a Saturday..”

Miss Omosofe Odia

Our Success Stories

“I was happy and humbled to be asked about my impression of Periwinkle Estate. First and foremost, there is no place quite like Periwinkle Estate, a mixed-use real estate with the latest technologies in place..”

Dr. Charles Obioha

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Our vision is to be the most trusted brand in the real estate business in Africa.

Our Mission is to provide quality homes at affordable prices and to have a sustainable relationship with our customers. We are, therefore, flexible and innovative in matching the needs of our customers.

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