Who We Are

“at Periwinkle, we do not look at the moon from the earth but at the earth from the moon” – Xiang Bing


Periwinkle Residences Limited (RC:1368473) is a real estate company that specializes in premium, luxury residential properties. Through innovation and creativity, we strive to create long-term value for our investors, brand, and development partners. We provide secure housing and investment solutions to investors.


At Periwinkle, everything we do is about you. In a space of four years, we have become a market leader, and have set the standard in the Nigerian real estate industry. Founded on sincere honesty and deep trust, customer satisfaction is paramount to our business, we are passionate about exceeding customer expectations.


Our team at Periwinkle has successfully developed and currently managed ground-breaking developmental projects across Nigeria, with many more in the works. We are focused on providing premium and first-class services that help our clients and investors purchase premium smart homes crafted for the ultra-modern lifestyle.

As a result, we are adaptable and creative in meeting our customers’ needs. Our luxury and premium residences are elegantly crafted to satisfy your highest living requirements and are located in upscale neighborhoods throughout Nigeria’s major cities. In the Nigerian real estate industry, we are one of the most trusted brands. We at Periwinkle believe that providing our clients with a life-changing experience is more important than building homes, which is why we established Periwinkle Condos Limited, a subsidiary of Periwinkle Residences Limited, with the mission of providing luxury homes and investment opportunities to investors who share our vision of luxury condominium developments.


With over ten luxury, and quality residential developments of luxury homes and apartments completed and other multi-billion naira development projects underway, and a host of new developments in the pipeline, we are transforming expectations, and experiences, one home at a time.

We do a lot more than just build homes and apartments at Periwinkle. We’re establishing a foundation of trust. Every successful connection is built on trust. Everything we do revolves around establishing mutual trust with our partners. We walk in their shoes every day, on their streets, to ensure they always feel the way they deserve to feel- Comfortable.


Periwinkle Residences has been nominated for and won a number of accolades for ground-breaking innovations, including the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2021 for Best Luxury Residential Development, among others.


The Periwinkle brand represents the highest level of trust, excellence, and professionalism available anywhere in the globe. We are THE BRAND THAT DELIVERS.



We value the trust our customers have in us and are committed to upholding this trust, we believe that trust is the foundation of every successful partnership. We are THE BRAND THAT DELIVERS.


Our properties are of high and increasing value, positioned to bring high and long-term returns over time.


We have made a name for ourselves in the Real Estate Industry as a dependable and trustworthy company that provides style and high-quality houses and properties. Our success is built on strong relationships, which motivate our quest for excellence.


Our properties are located in highbrow areas, affluent districts that allow you to enjoy comfort, luxury, quality, and practicality.


Amongst all high-rise locations, our projects are poised to have an average year-on-year rental growth of 15% - 25%.


Our residences are located in exclusive and secure parts of Lagos, with top-notch security to give you the assurance of safety on lives and properties.


To be the leading world class real estate company providing quality and flexible housing products and services.


To provide quality homes at affordable prices and to have a sustainable relationship with our customers. We are, therefore, flexible and innovative in matching the needs of our customers.

core values

1. Trust 2. Excellence 3. Customer Satisfaction 4. Honesty


Our vision is to be the most trusted brand in the real estate business in Africa.

Our Mission is to provide quality homes at affordable prices and to have a sustainable relationship with our customers. We are, therefore, flexible and innovative in matching the needs of our customers.

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